Textiles We Stock

Our jute burlap fabric is imported in large rolls, and our trained specialists can cut and sew any sized burlap bag or sheet you need. We have 7oz and 10oz burlap, and HFC food grade burlap.

Durable 10oz canvas is a heavy-duty, water resistant fabric. Commercial Bag & Supply  specializes in cutting and sewing to nearly any size and shape of canvas bag or sheet your operation might need.

Our bleached white cotton fabric is a cotton/poly mix that is more sturdy than a 100% cotton fabric. We customize bags for seeds, parts, and other industrial needs.

Our mesh bags are ideal for the produce, seafood, gardening and other storage. We stock a variety of colors and sizes of mesh bags.

Our woven polypropylene is most often used in the packaging, textile, erosion control, levees, flood control, and construction industries. We also stock bulk poly bags (FIBC) in various sizes.

Our paper bags are great for packaging of a variety of products including fertilizer, pet food, and yard wastes, in addition to storage and transportation of sand, dry chemicals, flour, cement, and other bulk materials.

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