Choose burlap fabric for your next garden or nursery project. As one of the Midwest's largest bulk wholesale fabric dealers, we keep our prices low for customers while providing highly customizable options for fabrics best suited for the outdoors.

Burlap fabric for gardening can provide you with landscaping fabric, nursery covers, seed storage bags, vegetables bags, fruit storage bags, and more. Use burlap to wrap and safely transfer root balls, among many other uses in your garden.

Nurseries and professional landscapers can find additional uses for burlap fabric by reducing pesticide use and protecting plants and seeds from insects and other animals.

Burlap Fabric for Gardening

Burlap is a more natural fabric option. The natural jute fiber is both strong and biodegradable, preventing chemicals from eventually sleeping into your soil. Many landscapers find burlap a more cost effective solution over time. Construction sites for new buildings often use burlap landscape fabric for heavy duty erosion control matting.

Our burlap landscape fabric can be cut from 75 yards up to 600 yards in a bale (48" wide).

burlap garden fabric

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