Burlap Coffee Bags

Coffee beans are traditionally transported to coffee roasters around the world in large burlap sacks that weigh approximately 120-150 pounds. When beans are picked, they feature a greenish hue, not the traditional dark brown of a roasted coffee bean. Since these un-roasted beans can maintain their flavor for long periods of time, they continue to be transported in the traditional burlap coffee bag. These durable coffee bags are made from jute, a cheap, but sustainable material. Jute is second only to cotton as the world's most affordable natural fiber, and is grown primarily in Bangladesh and India.

Once burlap coffee bags have been used for their primary purpose, they're either shipped back to coffee producing regions for reuse, or can be re-purposed for other uses. At Commercial Supply Co., we purchase used burlap coffee bags directly from roasters around the country in large quantities. These used burlap sacks may contain markings from the individual growers who originally shipped them, but are otherwise in excellent condition for a variety of purposes.