Paving Covers

Midwest Leader in Paving Covers

Paving covers are made from our new 10 ounce burlap fabric. These covers are used for concrete curing, particularly in the Midwest United States. When the cover is placed over fresh concrete, it helps to maintain hydration and temperature throughout the curing process. Paving covers can also be used to pull behind a paver, which provides a textured look to concrete. Since they're made from all-natural, durable burlap fabric, these paving covers withstand even the toughest conditions and last longer than many synthetic fabric covers.

Commercial Supply Co. manufactures burlap paving covers in our Des Moines, Iowa warehouse. They can be customized to your exact specifications and used on a variety of concrete projects. Since we cut and sew our concrete paving covers from bulk roles of premium grade burlap, we can manufacture them to serve even the largest of projects. Thanks to our Midwest location, shipping time to any location is fast.

In Stock Sizes:

10x28 / 10x30 / 10x35 / 10x40 / 10x50 / 12x35 / 15x30 / 15x35

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