Nursery Covers

Commercial Supply Co. has a variety of fabrics for your garden and nursery supply needs. One of our most popular items is the burlap nursery cover, made from biodegradable fabric and used to make custom coverings for root balls, plant coverings, and landscaping fabric.

A root ball is the bunch of roots at the base of a tree or shrub, which is usually wrapped in burlap fabric and wrapped in wiring during transport. The covering keeps a plant's roots protected from the field to the final planting location.

We import quality burlap fabric in bulk rolls, and can cut to meet any custom nursery cover need. Our Des Moines-warehouse seamstresses can sew coverings or root balls to your exact specifications. You can also purchase sturdy tarps and coverings, which are great for plant beds, bundling around trees and shrubs, or as a moisture barrier.