Mesh Bags

Many colors and sizes.

Commercial Supply Co.'s mesh bags are ideal for the food, gardening, industrial, and clothing industries, among many others. As a distributor of mesh bags, we can assist with a wide range of needs. Contact Commercial Supply Co. with any questions or mesh orders your business might have.

Our mesh is a semi-permeable material made of inner woven strands of fiber, similar to a web or net. Most often manufactured with polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon, mesh is often used in clothing thanks to its breathability. Compared to cotton, this netted mesh material keeps products and people much cooler.

Mesh Bag Sizes

Mesh bags from Commercial Supply Co. are extremely versatile, and are popularly used to hold produce, like veggies and fruit, as well as seafood, like clams, oysters, and the like. Other common mesh bag uses include:

  • Bail wrapping
  • Firewood packaging
  • Storage and transport for sporting equipment and clothing
  • Laundry receptacles
  • Waste baskets
  • Filtration systems
  • Gardening

Our mesh selection spans an array of sizes, dimensions, and colors:

  • 11 x 19: Red, white, purple
  • 15 x 25: Red, white, purple
  • 18 x 30: Red, white, purple
  • 18 x 32: Red, white
  • 19 x 32: Red, white, purple
  • 22 x 36: Green
  • 24 x 36: Green, yellow