Drop Cloths

A drop cloth is made from heavy-duty canvas material. While typically used by painters as a protective barrier, drop cloths can be used for any type of spill-protection on furniture or flooring. The impermeable canvas acts as a protective barrier that can be reused multiple times. Canvas drop cloths are typically a natural white color, which allows painters to easily locate paint spills that may have occurred. The natural canvas fibers are durable to ensure that spilled paint doesn't soak through to the covered materials. Our drop cloths are washing machine safe.

Commercial Supply Co. orders bulk rolls of canvas in large quantities from our suppliers. We then cut these canvas rolls into drop cloths of any size and shape. Our industrial strength sewing equipment can piece together multiple lengths of canvas. This ensures we can meet any custom drop cloth size you request. We can leave the edges of your drop cloths unfinished, or finish the seams and hems.