Vegetable Storage Bags

Reliable bags for your vegetables is critical to your agriculture operation. Commercial Supply Co. provides custom-made woven polypropylene, cotton, and burlap vegetable storage bags. Save on cost and time with custom vegetable bags.

Woven polypropylene can be coated with a water-resistant gloss so your vegetables stay dry in storage and transportation. With some of the highest quality material available today, woven polypropylene vegetable storage bags are perfect for your agriculture operation. Woven polypropylene bags are ideal for onion, corn, potatoes, and other vegetables.

Our custom cotton bags are ideal for agricultural operations that need a lightweight but strong fabric.

Burlap vegetable storage bags are ideal for veggies like beans and potatoes. Every burlap bag from Commercial Supply Co. is made to our customer's specification. Whatever size you need for vegetable storage, we'll make custom enhancements so your burlap bags are exactly what you need.