Custom Bags for Agronomy Departments

by Shopify API on Mar 12, 2022

Custom Bags for Agronomy Departments

Across the Midwest, collegiate agronomy departments employ the latest and most cutting-edge research, science, and technology to understand and improve crop systems throughout the immediate region, and around the world. From improved soil health and water quality to new conservation methods, agronomy department research advances crop production systems while protecting the environment and increasing agricultural productivity. Commercial Supply Co.’s custom-made canvas or cotton bags are used by agronomy departments throughout the Midwest as researchers harvest, transport, and analyze plant cuttings to better understand the myriad factors at play in crops and the soil in which they grow today.

What do agronomy departments study?

While the work and effect of agronomy departments is far reaching, much of today’s research deals with agricultural meteorology, plant breeding, and soil science. Studying to produce food, fuel, and fiber in the most efficient, economical ways, agronomists’ use of burlap bags or canvas bags throughout their various research projects ensures that the plant specimens remain safe and protected in transport, and intact for analysis.

In agricultural meteorology, agronomists analyze how cropping systems are affected by weather and climate, and vice versa–how crop systems affect climate and weather in turn. Plant breeding looks at crops like maize, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, and more, and studies genetics, plant pathology, entomology, and statistics to improve crop plants, while soil science considers the chemistry and physics of soil, as well as biochemistry, morphology, microbiology, and other factors that impact the health and success of soil.

Combining science and technology, agronomy department research improves major food crops, but their work goes farther, considering all factors that affect crop production: climate, soil properties and how they interact with crops, water and its availability, how to control weeds and other pests, genetics, adaptation, and which nutrients are needed to grow and develop better crops.

Custom Bags + Agronomy Departments

Plant cuttings need a safe and reliable transportation method from the field to the lab, and in each of these various research departments, agronomy bags are a critical resource and tool for agronomists and agronomists-in-training to complete their work.

At Commercial Supply Co., we’ve supplied our custom agronomy bags made from either cotton or canvas for agronomy departments at Iowa State University, University of Minnesota, University of Illinois, and Texas A&M, and look forward to assisting agronomy departments well into the future as their research improves the state of agriculture in both the Midwest and abroad.

When harvesting crops for research, Commercial Supply Co.’s agronomy bags are used to safely transport chopped plant parts. These plants are harvested by hand, and then put through a chipper that cuts them into smaller sample sizes. The chopped plant matter is bagged and sent to an oven to dry before being sent to the lab for testing and analysis. The results inform agronomists as they consider the future of soil, water, climate, and future plant health.

What are the bags agronomists use made from?

Agronomy bags are typically made from 7- or 10-ounce cotton or canvas material, and can be made with or without drawstrings. While these bags vary in size, and our experienced sewing department can change specifications to match most custom requests, the average agronomy bag measures 20” x 30”.

Both canvas and cotton are ideal materials for agronomy bags. Our canvas is a heavy-duty, water-resistant material, and its outdoor suitability makes it a perfect choice for agronomy research projects. Cotton agronomy bags are made from our bleached white poplin cotton fabric, which is a cotton/poly mix, and more durable than 100% cotton. Cotton’s moisture-control, insulating, and weather-proof properties make this durable fabric another excellent agronomy bag option.

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