New Trend: Recycled Animal Feed Bags

by Shopify API on Apr 17, 2014

If you have paid attention to recent trends over the past two years you know that thrift fashion has taken over as the new style embraced by both young and old. From hairstyles to clothing and lifestyles, the thrift wave has even caught on to the use of recycled animal feed bags as a thrifty replacement for grocery bags.

When you think about it, it makes absolute sense. Most tote bags bought by the everyday shopper are made from the exact same material as animal feed bags: polypropylene. Known for its durable and resistant qualities, polypropylene is a material commonly used in packaging, flood control, erosion, construction, and textiles. Given its environmentally friendly features, polypropylene bags are usually recycled and put to various uses. On the contrary, plastic bags tend to be messy, unhygienic, unreliable, and toxic.

Given that thrift culture is characterized by the use of recycled and second-hand materials, it was only a matter of time before someone ingeniously transformed their used animal feed bag into a thrifty grocery bag. The process is simple and instructions to make your own tote bag are easy to follow. The trend has caught on due to its fashionable style and eco-friendly benefits, sparking online interest with several do-it-yourself tutorials as well as dozens of pins on Pinterest’s recycled animal feed bags’ board.

recycled-animal-feed-bag recycled-animal-feed-bag