Protecting Your Crops with Custom Burlap Covers

by Justin Schoen on May 28, 2023

Protecting Your Crops with Custom Burlap Covers

When it comes to safeguarding your precious crops, Commercial Supply Co. stands at the forefront of innovative textile solutions for the agricultural sector. Specializing in custom-made fabric products, our expert team is proud to offer a range of custom burlap covers sewed to your exact specifications in order to protect your crops.

Blackberry Bushes + Custom Burlap Covers

When owners Beth and Rick of Edge of the Woods Farm near Indianola, IA, were seeking a different method to protect their blackberry bushes during the winter, Commercial Supply Co. worked to develop a new idea–custom burlap covers. Our collaboration led to the creation of a customized approach: Using burlap, we created 10-foot by 45-foot covers that featured 1-inch polypropylene handles placed at each corner and every 10-feet along the long edges to allow Rick and Beth to easily move the covers.

Beth reported back in December: “The burlap is holding up fine, even after the recent high winds and snow we received,” she said. “We also covered a short section on 3-year-old blackberry bushes on the north side of the trees to compare an area more exposed to the north winds and winter storms.”

The Benefits of Using Burlap for Crop Protection

Natural and Sustainable
Burlap, made from the natural fibers of the jute plant, is an eco-friendly choice for farmers. By opting for burlap covers, you can embrace sustainable practices without compromising on quality. Burlap is a renewable resource that decomposes naturally, reducing environmental impact.

Breathability and Moisture Retention
One of the significant advantages of burlap is its breathable nature, which allows airflow while still providing protection. This permeability prevents excess moisture buildup and reduces the risk of fungal diseases that thrive in humid conditions. Burlap's unique properties maintain a balanced environment for crops, promoting healthier growth.

Protection from Extreme Weather
Burlap acts as a reliable shield against unpredictable weather conditions. It offers protection from harsh winds, heavy rains, and even intense sunlight. By minimizing direct exposure to these elements, burlap covers help prevent damage, ensuring your crops stay safe and thrive.

Specific Uses for Burlap in Crop Protection

Berry Plants
Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are delicate crops that require careful protection. Burlap covers act as a barrier against frost during colder months, shielding berries from freezing temperatures. Additionally, burlap can safeguard these plants from birds and pests without impeding airflow or hindering pollination.

Vineyards and Grapes
Grapes are a vital component of the agricultural industry, and burlap covers play a crucial role in their protection. Burlap offers a valuable shading option for grapes, protecting them from excessive heat and sunburn; during extreme weather conditions, such as hailstorms, burlap can shield grapes from damage.

Root Vegetables
Burlap covers are equally beneficial for root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and beets. By providing shade, burlap helps regulate soil temperature and prevents evaporation, ensuring moisture retention and reducing the need for excessive watering, all promoting optimal root development and crop yield.

Nursery Seedlings
Burlap covers provide an ideal microclimate for nurturing young plants in nurseries by protecting seedlings from extreme temperature fluctuations and excessive sunlight. The breathable material also prevents overheating and excessive moisture buildup, preventing the risk of diseases.

When it comes to protecting crops in the agricultural sector, Commercial Supply Co. is a leader in manufacturing burlap covers. Offering a range of custom textiles, we understand the specific needs of farmers and strive to provide sustainable solutions. With its natural, breathable, and weather-resistant properties, burlap has proven to be a reliable choice for crop protection. Whether you're cultivating berries, grapes, root vegetables, or nurturing seedlings, burlap covers from Commercial Supply Co. ensure the well-being and success of your crops. Trust us to provide you with top-quality products that will enhance your agricultural practices and yield bountiful harvests.