Shop Rags - Not Just Another Rag

by Shopify API on Sep 23, 2014

Are you using the same group of rags or towels for everything you do? If so, you might want to continue reading. There are different rags, made from different materials that can best suit your needs. No matter the industry you’re in, you’ve probably come in contact with a shop rag and had to use it to wipe a spill, clean a mess, or dust off a surface.

Commercial Bag & Supply distributes a variety of different shop rags, including:

  • Surgical Rag – You can use these towels with water, oil, and grease. Cleaning items will be a breeze and leave little to no lint. They’re very durable and will be able to handle all types of jobs.
  • Paper Rag – These all-purpose towels come in all kinds, including: flat, pop-up or roll.
  • Polo Shop Rag – Wiping up grease, oil, and other liquids are easy with a polo shop rag.
  • Sweatshirt Wiping Rag – A popular rag that is soft to the hands, yet it can handle a big spill.
  • Terrycloth Rag – These are one of the more absorbent rags we offer.
  • Huck Towel – These towels are used in homes to clean windows and dry dishes. Because of its cotton and lint free material and absorbency, these towels are common in the medical field to clean surgical instruments.
  • Thermal Shop Rag – Designed to have a waffle-type weave, these rags are known for its’ softness. The material is often used to for towels, robes, and other products.
  • T-shirt Rags – These are typically a cheaper alternative and are reusable and can easily be cleaned in the washer. They’re great for wiping up water, oil, or other liquids.

Surgical_Rags Terrycloth_Rags Huck_Towels Thermal_Rags

These various types of shop rags are commonly used to wipe things off such as dirt, water, smudges, and more. The fabric can be cut and colored to meet specific need you might have. They are often a light or medium weight cotton blend with low to no lint. You can choose a rag based on absorbency or softness. Depending on what you’re using these rags for, a rag that is lint free may be more helpful for you. No matter your preference, we can help you determine the best rag for you.

For a detailed description of the types of rags mentioned, visit our shop rags page.