Soil Sample Bags for Building + Road Construction

by Shopify API on Aug 22, 2022

Soil Sample Bags for Building + Road Construction
To build a new building or road requires a strong foundation—and soil sample bags are a critical tool in making sure that foundation is stable and permanent enough to withhold any new construction. Used by professional, licensed engineers, soil sample bags help to determine the soil profile: identifying the presence of groundwater, as well as the soil’s ability (or inability) to withstand the type of construction to take place.


No new project can begin before adequate soil testing has been completed. While these tests can be complete on site or in a laboratory, simply skipping them is not an option. In new road construction projects, understanding the properties of the sub-grade soil prevents the possibility of future costly repairs, and even detrimental accidents.

Soil Sample Tests

When beginning a new building or road construction project, the soil needs to be tested for the classification of soil, particle size, moisture content, specific gravity, and liquid and plastic limits. These are the most common soil test for which soil sample bags are necessary:

Specific Gravity Test

This test identifies the accurate ratio of soil density to density of the water by measuring the weight of the soil in air, and the same volume of the weight of air in the same tested temperature. This ratio helps to determine soil properties like void ratio and degree of saturation.

Dry Density Test

A dry density test establishes the weight of soil particles in the sample taken. Combining the information—like the void ratio and degree of saturation—found in the specific gravity test, engineers can classify the soil as loose, dense, or medium. This test helps to determine the suitability of the soil for the construction project, as well as the prediction of soil water movement.

Moisture Content Test

This is a test that often requires a soil sample bag to take the samples to a laboratory. To determine the moisture content of the soil in the to-be-constructed zone, engineers will use an oven-drying, torsion balance, sand bath, radiation, alcohol, calcium carbine, or Pycnometer method. The most popular method is the oven-drying method, where the soil is weighed, then dried out at 110 degrees Celsius, and weighed again to determine the weight of the water present in the tested soil.

Atterberg Limits Test

The Atterberg Test is used to determine the liquid, plastic, and shrinkage limits of fine-grained soil. Each of the three limits will use a different technique to determine the properties and strength of the soil tested.

Proctor Test

Using a Proctor test, how compaction characters of soil can be discovered. A sample of the soil will be tested over a range of moisture contents, producing the maximum dry density an an optimum water content. The Proctor test determines how the soil will react to changes in moisture content.

California Bearing Ratio Test

This test is particularly important for testing soil samples when it comes to road construction. First developed in California for highway building, the CBR test is able to evaluate the sub-grade strength of roads and pavements, or in other words, the load penetration resistance of soil. This test will help builders to determine the thickness of pavement and its component layers in relation to the strength of the soil that makes up its foundation.

Soil Sample Bags from Commercial Supply Co.

Made from 7 or 10 oz. duck canvas—a heavy, plain-woven cotton fabric,—Commercial Supply Co.’s soil sample bags are extremely durable and can withstand outdoor elements to protect the soil they contain as they wait to be tested or taken to the lab. Soil sample bags are made to order, while standard sizes are 17” x 26” or 14” x 26”. While drawstrings are not typically included in Commercial Supply Co.’s made-to-order soil sample bags, handles are an excellent easy-to-carry feature to include on your requested order. Highly experienced in providing textile tools to municipal entities, Commercial Supply Co. is a trusted supplier of soil sample bags to both Iowa and Missouri’s DOTs, who then provide these bags to construction companies as they begin to work on new building or road projects. For your next soil sample bag order, contact us at Commercial Supply Co., or easily request a quote using our online form.

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