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Commercial Supply Co. specializes in the custom creation of burlap, canvas, and cotton goods. We purchase all of our durable, high-quality fabrics in bulk, raw form. With years of experience in cutting and sewing, our trained specialists can create nearly any custom order you could need for your industrial or agricultural application. Contact us today with your ideas.

Our quality fabrics are ideal for work in agricultural and industrial operations. Commercial Supply Co. is experienced in making any size of custom burlap bag, canvas bag, cotton bag, mesh bag, or woven polypropylene bag. Our specialists can easily sew a sample product for you to test before placing a larger order.

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Commercial Supply Co. custom industrial textiles are great for construction, food storage, manufacturing, gardening and lawn care, janitorial services, and more. Some of the products we manufacture include paving covers, drop cloths, shop rags, sand bags, and mesh bags, among many others.

Custom Agricultural Orders

Our premium agricultural products can be made from any of the textiles we have in stock. One of our agricultural products' main uses is the storage and transportation of seeds. We also specialize in burlap landscaping squares. Other custom orders might include nursery covers, animal feed bags, landscape fabrics, food storage bags, burlap coffee bags, and seed storage.

In addition to industrial and agricultural uses, we're also a manufacturer and supplier of custom canvas and burlap home goods. For your next custom order, contact Commercial Supply Co.