Seed Storage Bags

Commercial Supply Co. excels in making custom seed storage bags from cotton fabric. Our 100% cotton bags are durable and perfect for the transportation or storage of your seeds. Since cotton is breathable, these bags are ideal for extending the shelf life of your product by limiting rot or mold growth. Ideally, seeds need to be stored in a chilled environment without much moisture before planting. Our custom-made cotton seed storage bags work well to keep seeds cool and dry before you're ready to plant. They're also durable and lightweight to make sure transportation of large quantities is no longer a hassle.

Seed storage bags can be customized to your specific needs. Seed storage bags can be cut and sewn to nearly any size, and a drawstring can be sewn into the bag for a more secure closure and easier transportation, and/or take advantage of double or triple stitched seams on your bags. Seed storage bags can be easily screen printed or embroidered with a custom logo or company name. Our staff of trained seamstresses check all products before they leave our facility to ensure the quality of all work.