Commercial Supply Co. + Industrial Sewing

by Kay B on Jan 11, 2023

Commercial Supply Co. + Industrial Sewing
From canvas seed bags to burlap vegetable storage bags and more, Commercial Supply Co.’s industrial sewing department is here to fulfill your operational needs with custom-made industrially sewn bags. Based in Des Moines, IA, our industrial sewers work with bulk fabrics, including canvas, burlap, cotton, and other durable textiles and tailor these bags and other products to your custom specifications. With over fifty years of experience, Commercial Supply Co.’s expert industrial sewers use heavy-duty Union Special machines, ensuring the reliability and durability of your custom-requested textile order.

Industrial Sewing Materials

When specifying the material for your custom-made bag, you can select from any of the textiles available at Commercial Supply Co. For the most versatile and durable agricultural bags, we recommend canvas, burlap, and cotton.

Industrial Sewing with Canvas

Using wholesale canvas fabric, our sewers can create custom canvas bags to order from 7- or 10-ounce material. With heavy-duty and water-resistant qualities, our canvas is ideal for outdoor use. Popular bag requests include seed and aggregate storage bags, mailing bags, money bags, and DOT sample bags to transport gravel and pavement materials. In addition to custom-made bags, canvas is also an excellent fabric for pallet covers, drop cloths, custom tarps, and other creative home goods.

Industrial Sewing with Burlap

Burlap is another popular option for custom textile orders at Commercial Supply Co. Our jute fabric is regular or hydro-carbon free food grade, and can be ordered in many different sizes and any quantity. An ideal resource for agricultural, landscaping, construction, and municipal operations, burlap is one of the most durable and all-purpose materials available, and is both water-resistant and biodegradable. Popular custom burlap requests are made from 7- and 10-ounce material, and include burlap rolls for deer and pest protection, wrapping root balls, and winter weather protection, potato bags, paving covers, nursery covers, beekeeping operations, and more.

Industrial Sewing with Cotton

More durable than 100% cotton, Commercial Supply Co. uses a bleached white poplin cotton/poly mix for custom cotton orders. A widely-utilized and versatile fabric, cotton can be used for industrial and agricultural operations, as well as everyday necessities like laundry bags. Due to its flexibility, custom cotton orders vary widely, and include storage bags for seeds, parts, nuts and bolts, shipping bags, flour bags, furniture coverings, medical supplies, and more.

Industrial Sewing Equipment

In addition to their many years of industrial sewing expertise, Commercial Supply Co.’s sewers use heavy-duty Union Special machines, which are incredibly fast, highly reliable, and are regularly used within manufacturing industries. Built with heavy-duty machine parts that are resilient to wear and tear, Union Special machines can operate at two times the regular speed of standard consumer sewing machines, and are capable of handling heavier threads. Combined with the quick and reliable chain stitch method, Union Special sewing machines allow for heavy-duty construction with a quick turnaround.

While we specialize in small to medium run sizes, hemmed bags with a variety of drawstring styles, and even custom screen printing to show off your local logo, our equipment and team are flexible, capable of fulfilling unique requests like specialty burlap wine bags to large-order burlap paving covers for municipal operations, or cotton laundry bags for a local soccer team to cotton storage bags for seeds and parts to keep your farming operation running smoothly. For durable, reliable, and locally-manufactured supplies, Commercial Supply Co.’s industrial sewing department is your source for custom textile orders.

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