Milwaukee Tools at Commercial Supply Co.

by Shopify API on Feb 13, 2023

Milwaukee Tools at Commercial Supply Co.
At Commercial Supply Co., we’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers of Milwaukee Tool. Founded in 1924, Milwaukee Tool has always been at the front of the pack, leading the construction tool industry in developing innovative, durable equipment that increases job site productivity.

“Milwaukee Tool achieved a major step forward in the industry when we invented the technology that enabled the use of lithium-ion in power tools. It was an achievement that marked a turning point for every trade in the industry and spurred the question, ‘Are battery-powered tools the future of the job site?’ At the time no one believed in this technology more than our team. We knew that the cordless job site wasn’t just a fad–it was the future.”

To deliver top-of-the-line construction tools, Milwaukee Tool gets out to the job site and sees what the construction workers of today need the most, from sun up to sun down. Progressive problem solvers at heart, Milwaukee Tool sets out–and succeeds–in producing some of the most leading cordless construction tool tech this–or that– side of the Mississippi.


For all your Milwaukee Tool construction and cordless tool needs, contact Commercial Supply Co.