Custom Bulk Bags: Rye Bags for GX Agriculture

by Justin Schoen on Jul 30, 2023

Custom Bulk Bags: Rye Bags for GX Agriculture

Finding the right bag was vital for Iowa farmer Chris Gaesser as he made plans for harvesting his cereal rye cover crop for seed and for sale to a local distillery. He found the bulk bag he needed at Commercial Supply Co.

Bulk bags are used in many agricultural and industrial applications and Commercial Supply Co. has access to a variety of types and sizes. 

“We are bulk bag experts and work closely with our customers to understand what they need and how we can meet those needs,” says Brad Lilienthal, president of Commercial Supply Co. “We offer competitive pricing and can ship anywhere. We love the opportunity to find creative and affordable solutions for our customers.”

Chris and his wife, Shannon, run GX Agriculture in southwest Iowa, raising soybeans, corn, and cereal rye. The rye is part of his cover crop program, a carefully-designed piece of his operation that improves soil health and prevents erosion. In addition to this cover crop’s soil benefits, it’s profitable to the farm. He harvests a portion to sell as cover crop seed and about 1,000 bushels are sold to Revelton Distillery in Osceola to make the company’s rye whiskey.

On Revelton’s website, Taylor is proud to tout this “grain to glass” process. “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into perfecting the rye recipe and we’re proud to say that this whiskey is handcrafted in small batches from Iowa grains.”

It was a great business model and Chris needed a great bag to move the seed and rye.

“We wanted large bags with baffles,” explains Chris. “The baffles make the bags stronger and distribute the weight more equally.”

Chris uses the bags to transport the rye to Revelton. Finding the right bags at the right price made the purchase from Commercial Supply Co. the right fit. Working closely with Brad, Chris purchased 42” x 42” x 40” spout top and bottom poly bags.

“The bags have worked great and they are more affordable than what I could find online or elsewhere,” says Chris.

Shannon says the recent release of the whiskey was a huge success for Revelton, with customers lined up to get the first bottles. “We absolutely see Commercial Supply Co. as a piece of this success,” she says. “Making sure we had the right bags to move the rye was important.”

Customer Supply Co. raises a glass (of Revelton Distiller’s Edition Rye Whiskey, of course) to Chris Gaesser on the successful venture!

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